Seafoam Green are POP and proud of it! Actually they are not averse to adding a touch of COUNTRY or a dash of ROCK into the mix, but it is that thread that binds and defines the very essence of the band.

Beginning with their debut album SONGS FROM A BEAUTIFUL SAD SUMMER, their RETRO style and sound was not planned, but came inevitably as a result of a melding of influences and technology. Their songs developed through a creative exchange between guitarist Peter Fischer, drummer Tulup, and singer Michael Antony. Not within the confines of a dusty old rehearsal room, but as a direct result of many hours in the studio.

Peter Fischer (a life long KISS fan!) exposing his Beatles/country styled fragments first to Tulup who in return provided the beats and loops influenced by his love of soul and funk music. While inspired by the music of Queen, The Smiths and folk music from his native North East of England Michael added an Indie sensibility.

And SEAFOAM GREEN was born.

THINK GREEN the follow up to their successful debut is another album full of everything we have to come to love and expect from the boys. Filled with superb playing, catchy hook laden songs, and harmonies to die for, this is the Sound of the Summer . . . . Autumn, Winter and Spring . . . .

Er, did I mention that SEAFOAM GREEN are POP and proud of it!